5 Facts On Tejas Fighter Jet That PM Narendra Modi Took A Sortie In

5 Facts On Tejas Fighter Jet That PM Modi Took A Sortie In

Tejas is a multirole fighter and fully combat capable.

The Tejas aircraft that Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a sortie in today is a light combat fighter jet indigenously built by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

Here are five facts on the Tejas fighter jet:

  1. The dual-seat Tejas trainer that the Prime Minister flew in today was a brand new one handed over to the Indian Air Force. It is a multirole fighter and fully combat capable. The jet was flown by an IAF pilot.

  2. The Prime Minister usually flies in at least a twin-engine aircraft for safety purposes. However, the Tejas is a single engine aircraft with an admirable safety record. This shows the confidence that the government has on this particular aircraft.

  3. Tejas is set to become the bedrock of the Indian Air Force in the years to come. There are several Tejas aircraft in service in the country and significant number of orders are yet to be completed. An order for 83 Tejas Mk1A jets for the IAF is expected to completed by 2029.

  4. India’s defence acquisition priorities are based on aatmanirbharta in the defence sector. At the core of this self-reliance is the Tejas which is being gradually upgraded with new technologies. Tejas Mk1A will be significantly upgraded with greater range and more electronic warfare systems. There will eventually be a Tejas Mk2 as well.

  5. HAL recently signed a deal with General Electric for manufacturing jet engines in India and the deal was announced in Washington. Dozens of engines are also expected to be delivered for the Tejas jets that are currently on order. General Electric will set up a F414 engine manufacturing line in India that will power the Tejas Mk2.

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