After 27 Years, DC Admits the Dark Origin of Its Kingdom Come Reality

Warning! Contains Spoilers For Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #21!




  • The rise of anti-heroes in the world of Kingdom Come might have been influenced by Gog, a literal god who commands the full Justice League.
  • Boy Thunder, Superman’s former sidekick, has grown into an adult and now harbors hatred for Superman, possibly due to Gog’s influence.
  • Gog’s presence on Earth is a major problem because if he leaves, the Earth will die without him, making him a massive threat to the twisted world of Kingdom Come.

Superman and Batman are currently trapped in the world of Kingdom Come, which is a dark cautionary look into the possible future of the DC Universe. While the initial reason for this dark world was the public acceptance and support of anti-heroes, that might not entirely be the case anymore. DC has just revealed that while the rise of anti-heroes was certainly a problem, they may have been helped along by the literal god known as Gog.

As Superman tries to find his lost sidekick Boy Thunder in the world of Kingdom Come in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #21 by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, things have begun to quickly spiral out of control. Boy Thunder is revealed to be an adult now and harbors hatred for Superman for reasons unknown. In addition to that, it’s revealed that every hero on Earth now serves the mysterious being known only as Gog.

Comic book panel: a large god-like being wearing a blue robe and gold armor stands tall over a kneeling Superman.

This could go a long way to explain the drastic change in Boy Thunder’s attitude towards Superman, as well as the fact the world of Kingdom Come is completely unaware of the concept of the multiverse. All of these things could be because of Gog’s influence.


One of DC’s Greatest Villain’s Secret Origins Finally Begins

DC Comics is revealing the secret origins of one of its greatest villains as readers learn the truth about how Magog from Kingdom Come came to be.

Gog Rules Over Kingdom Come

Comic book page: costumed superheroes stand before a whirlwind.

Originally created for the 1996 Kingdom Come limited series by Waid and Alex Ross, Gog is a god-like being who managed to escape the destruction of DC’s Old Gods. He fell through the Bleed, falling across several realities before eventually landing on Earth. It’s here that a cult began to worship Gog and his influence grew. He eventually chose a champion that he named Magog. Waid now returns to that story in World’s Finest thanks to the “new” character in the series, Boy Thunder, who is destined to become Magog. That said, the original story of Kingdom Come didn’t directly have Gog in it, meaning that this appearance by the Old God is a very dark sign of things to come.

Gog’s presence in this story is a major problem because, if he exists on Earth for long enough, he can bond to that Earth. If he ever leaves that Earth, then it will die without him. Since Gog has been on Kingdom Come‘s Earth long enough, it’s entirely possible there’s no way to really get rid of him or save the planet. Gog commands the full Justice League, and even Kingdom Come‘s versions of Superman and Batman kneel before him. This makes him a massive threat and likely the reason why the world is so twisted compared to the central DC Universe.

Gog Controls the Entire Justice League

Gog Commands The Justice League

Superman and Batman are facing dozens of problems on this strange new Earth they find themselves stranded on. They have to contend with Superman’s former sidekick Boy Thunder turning into a villain, they have to fight the versions of themselves from this Earth, and now they face a literal god. Kingdom Come has always been one of DC’s darker universes, and now Superman and Batman know the reason why: this world completey worships the Old God Gog.

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #21 is available now from DC Comics!


Batman/Superman: World's Finest 21 Main Cover: Costume superheroes from two alternate worlds fight.

  • Writer: Mark Waid
  • Artist: Dan Mora
  • Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain
  • Letterer: Steve Wands
  • Cover Artist: Dan Mora

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