Amid dip in poll numbers, Joe Biden ‘takes a dip’ on Thanksgiving break

President Biden, along with his son Hunter Biden, joined other family members for a Thanksgiving swim in the cold waters off Nantucket on Thursday.
Naomi Biden, the president’s granddaughter, shared the family’s experience on social media, posting, “Annual Biden fam polar bear plunge. Happy Thanksgiving!” Accompanying her post was a photo showing several Bidens wrapped in towels on a rocky beach after their brisk swim on Turkey Day.
Her father Hunter Biden — who is at the center of an impeachment inquiry against the president and separately facing gun charges — was also in the photo, holding his youngest son Beau.
The water temperature in Nantucket Sound was a chilly 48 F on Thursday afternoon. Joe Biden has a long-standing tradition of spending Thanksgiving on the island, dating back to 1975.
As vice president, Joe Biden and his grandchildren often participated in Nantucket’s Cold Turkey Plunge, a charity event involving a quick dash into the freezing saltwater followed by an equally rapid return to shore.
This year, the president chose to swim off the coast near billionaire David Rubenstein’s 13-acre, beachfront estate. The Biden family is spending six days at Rubenstein’s luxurious mansion, the same location where they celebrated the holiday in 2021 and 2022.
The White House has not disclosed whether the president is paying to rent Rubenstein’s $38.9 million property.
Earlier in the day, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited the Nantucket Fire Department, delivering several pumpkin pies and engaging with first responders.
Meanwhile, recent polls indicate that President Biden is lagging behind his hard-right Republican opponent, Donald Trump, in a potential rematch for the November 2024 election. Voters’ concerns particularly center around Biden’s age.
A poll by NBC News released on Sunday shows Trump with a slight lead over Biden, 46 per cent to 44 per cent among registered voters. Similarly, a Yahoo News/YouGov poll this week places Trump ahead with 44 percent compared to Biden’s 42 percent.
Since defeating the polarizing figure of Trump in 2020, Biden has cultivated an image as a unifier. He emphasized this theme of national unity in his Thanksgiving message this year. During a live phone call with the televised coverage of Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York, Biden urged, “Stop the rancor,” adding, “We have to bring the nation together, we have to treat each other with a little bit of decency.”
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