Burglar in China puffs at cigar, dozes off amid robbery — What happened next?

A representational image of a burglar. — X/@merriamwebstar
A representational image of a burglar. — X/@merriamwebstar

A burglar in China was apprehended after dozing off during the theft and startling the homeowner with his loud snoring as per a South China Morning Post (SCMP) report stating that after breaking into a home in the southwest Chinese province of Yunnan, the thief became alarmed upon hearing conversations taking on inside. 

He made the decision to wait until the homeowners went to bed in a different room. But the criminal took a puff of his cigar and went to sleep.

According to the publication, the homeowner, Tang by surname, had gone to bed with her little kid when she heard heavy snoring, which she originally dismissed as coming from the neighbor’s house. 

However, Tang discovered the snoring had gotten worse when she left her room around forty minutes later to clean her child’s milk bottle.

The homeowner recognised right away that the noise was really coming from a different place in her house. She then made the decision to look into it more and discovered that the thief, Yang by surname, was blissfully dozing on the floor in a different room.

The guy was taken into custody after Tang promptly informed her family and the authorities. The police disclosed that the trespasser had a criminal record and had even served time in jail for stealing in 2022. 

The police further stated that he returned to his “old profession” after being freed in September, but they are still looking into his case at this time. 

On the Chinese social networking site Weibo, this episode has since gone viral. Numerous people made fun of the invader. “This is far too humorous. One individual commented, “The thief brought the police to his doorstep.” “If he was so tired, maybe he should not have ‘worked’ overtime,” said another.

“I wonder what the sentence is for breaking into the home and not stealing anything?” asked a third user.

In a related incident, a burglar in China’s Jiangxi province was apprehended when he slept off under a homeowner’s bed while hiding after the homeowners came home during the heist. 

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