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CyberSEO Pro dummy feed

Most CyberSEO Pro users use the plugin only to import content from third-party sources like RSS, XML, JSON feeds and CSV files. The plugin really has no competitors in this, but… did you know that you can create your own dummy feed campaigns that have no content?

If you ask – “what for?”, the answer will be immediately obvious to you as soon as you look at the Tales from Robots mock site. This site uses artificial intelligence to generate tales and illustrations for them. Well, if it generates its own content from scratch, why would it need an external information feed? The site doesn’t publish any imported articles, it creates them from scratch.

So, if you don’t need any external content source, just create a dummy (empty) feed. To do this, simply click the “Syndicate” button in the CyberSEO Pro Syndicator, leaving the RSS/XML/JSON/CSV source field blank. In the XML preview window it will look this this:


In fact, that’s all we need to create our own feed, generating whatever content you want. First of all, don’t forget to give it a meaningful title, so that you won’t lose it in the CyberSEO Pro Syndicator feed list. Now you can start shaping its content. You can do this in three different ways.

Post templates

Here you can create content for the post title, body and excerpt. For example, you can write text sentences in Spintax to randomly generate post coneten. For example:

{Relaxed|Fully rested}, {{tanned|unshaven} and happy}, I {arrived {at the {Denver|Chicago|Moscow|Reykjavik|Toronto|London|Berlin|Stockholm|Helsinki|Dublin|Juneau} airport|to {DEN|JFK}}|{arrived|got back} to my {city|town|place}} after returning from {my {bucolic|rustic|rural|pastoral|idyllic|sylvan} {Caribbean|Thai|Canary} vacation|beach holidays in {the Maldives|Ibiza}|{my|an outstanding} vacation {on Canary islands|in Dubai|in Thailand}}. {As the customs agent|A customs officer} {handed my passport back to me|{returned|looked into|checked} my passport}, {she|he} {{cheerily|fervently} {welcomed me home|congratulated me} by declaring,|said with a {sunny|wide|snow-white} smile} “Back to reality for {you|you, Sir}!”

If you paste the above text into the “Post content” template box and enable the Parse Spintax option, the feed will automatically generate posts with different versions of the same joke. Don’t forget to take care of the “Post title” template box as well, as each post should have a title.

AI article generation

Use artificial intelligence (Article Forge or OpenAI GPT) to generate your post content. Keep in mind that post template shortcodes like %post_title% will need to be generated by you (see previous post), or better yet, don’t use these shortcodes at all and just write AI assignments using Spintax. For example:

Write a fictional news article about a first human mission to {Jupiter|Venus|Mars|the Alpha Centauri protoplanet #{1|2|3}}

Custom PHP code

This method allows you to write and implement any complex text-based scripts without any limits or restrictions. You can use the following CyberSEO Pro API functions for this purpose.

An example of custom PHP code:

$atts= [
    'prompt' => 'write a funny joke about Elon Musk',
    'max_tokens' => 3500,
    'temperature' => 0.7,
$post['post_content'] = cyberseo_openai_shortcode($atts);
$atts['prompt'] = "write a short title for this joke:\n\n" . $post['post_content'];
$post['post_title'] = cyberseo_openai_shortcode($atts);

Yes, it’s that simple! So use the empty dummy to generate your own content and have a fun 😉

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