Elon Musk plans to visit Gaza, Tel Aviv next week amid antisemitism accusations

Elon Musk. A destroyed building in Gaza. — AFP/File
Elon Musk. A destroyed building in Gaza. — AFP/File

Elon Musk is scheduled to travel to Israel and see the border communities of Gaza next week and will meet President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as reported by Israeli media.

A representative for Netanyahu’s office did not immediately reply to DailyMail.com’s questions, and Musk has not officially confirmed the visit.

In response to a racist tweet stating that Jews “have been pushing this exact kind of dialectical hatred against Whites that they claim people should stop using against them,” the Tesla tycoon received a lot of backlash.

“I’m deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest s*** now about western Jewish populations coming to the disturbing realisation that those hordes of minorities that support flooding their country don’t exactly like them too much.”

“You want truth said to your face, there it is,” the offending tweet said.”

Musk responded, “You have said the actual truth,” sparking ferocious online backlash.

He later hit back at claims that he is anti-Semitic, saying “nothing could be further from the truth.”

“This past week, there were hundreds of bogus media stories claiming that I am antisemitic.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth. I wish only the best for humanity and a prosperous and exciting future for all,” he said.

Since then, he has promised to contribute the proceeds from X’s advertisements to hospitals in Gaza and Israel. He had already promised to use his company’s internet satellite to link Gaza’s surviving population and relief workers.  

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