Extraterrestrial Evidence: Extraterrestrial evidence? New Study suggests Mexico’s ‘aliens’ may not be human

The enigma surrounding Mexico’s ‘alien’ remains has intensified following a recent DNA analysis. This analysis suggests that the DNA of these small corpses is not human, but belongs to an ‘unknown species.’ Jaime Maussan, a well-known UFO enthusiast and journalist, has been actively presenting these findings to the Mexican Congress, asserting that the mummified remains discovered in Peru are of extraterrestrial origin.
A team of researchers brought in by Maussan conducted DNA tests on the remains, revealing that 30% of the DNA is unidentifiable and does not match any known species. Maussan claims that these findings confirm the authenticity of the remains and their extraterrestrial nature. However, the remaining 70% of the DNA composition remains undisclosed.
A DailyMail.com report said that a UFO expert, who has examined these tiny bodies, suggested that they might have been assembled by humans using parts of now-extinct animals from about 1,000 years ago. This expert’s view contrasts with Maussan’s assertion that these remains represent the first instance of extraterrestrial life being presented in such a manner. Maussan, addressing the Congress, emphasized the importance of public awareness about non-human technology and beings, advocating for a unified human response to the reality of extraterrestrial life.
The corpses, named Clara and Mauricio, were subjected to carbon dating by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), which determined they are over 1,000 years old, have three-fingered hands, and are toothless. Maussan highlighted that these beings were not part of our terrestrial evolution and were found in diatom mines, later becoming fossilized. “Whether they are aliens or not, we don’t know, but they were intelligent and they lived with us,” Maussan said.
Experts involved in the study indicated that the DNA of these beings is hybrid, suggesting a possible descent from humans. Maussan and his team, while asserting the authenticity of these mummified remains, did not claim them to be extraterrestrial. However, they did emphasize the need to consider the possibility of non-Earthly life forms.
Ufologist Will Galison, a friend of the archaeologist who first examined these remains, expressed skepticism, suggesting that the ‘corpses’ might be ancient dummies created from animal remains for ritual purposes, possibly resembling alpaca skulls.
This ongoing debate and investigation into the origins and nature of these mysterious remains continue to captivate both the scientific community and the public.

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