Gafin and Idle Ninja Partnership

Gafin and Idle Ninja Join Hands To Power Up Gaming Landscape Together!

Gafin to partner with Idle Ninja – a P2E Mobile Casual AFK RPG. Their collaboration promises to enhance the overall gaming experience and empower users to truly own digital assets.

GaFin aims at facilitating community engagement surrounding Idle Ninja by their unique exciting activities and gaming platform integration. With the thrilling gameplay that attracts 1M downloads worldwide and over 210k active users. Idle Ninja brings to GaFin Community a quality game along with funny moments and fulfilling earning opportunities.

About Idle Ninja

Idle Ninja Online is Korea’s No.1 blockchain-based P2E Mobile RPG where players get to grow their ninjas and experience a unique game style of idle and action play. Launched in April 2021, the game now has a total of 1 million downloads worldwide with over 210k active users. INO implemented its own cryptocurrency(NINKY) and NFT(INARI) to further intertwine the INO world with the blockchain system.

Idle Ninja Online allows players to make light approaches to the world or spend time playing more seriously through idle and non-idle gameplay methods. This allows players to enjoy both the fun of limitless growing up from idle playing and the entertainment from active participation in the non-idle activities.

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About Gafin

GaFin is the First Web3 Gaming platform applied Zero-knowledge rollup (Zk-rollup) technology to build and automate tournaments with AI assistance.

GaFin provides a complete ecosystem solution for Esports, Gaming, and NFT 2.0 products. They grow with a vision to build and develop a professional Player Community with Web2 and Web3 tournaments globally through the GaFin Tournament platform. Along with that, build a strong and diverse ecosystem for players with Game Hub, with more than 300 projects listed on the platform and 30 games published from GaFin Studio.

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