Gen V Producer Weighs In On Characters Joining The Seven


  • Michele Fazekas hints that joining The Seven is still an enticing goal for the Gen V characters, despite the growing realization that it may not be as attractive as it seems.
  • The current roster of The Seven in The Boys season 4 provides an opportunity for a Godolkin graduate to join the team and restore it to full strength.
  • The character of Maverick, who is the son of Translucent, could potentially be chosen to join The Boys in season 4, providing a link between the two shows and allowing Fazekas to continue developing the Gen V characters in season 2.



Gen V showrunner and executive producer Michele Fazekas has weighed in on the potential of characters from her show joining The Seven, Vought’s premiere superhero team from The Boys. Serving as the first live-action spinoff of The Boys, Gen V follows the exploits of a younger generation of supes attending Vought International’s Godolkin University, the same college which famously served as the alma mater for The Seven members The Deep and A-Train. During the Gen V season 1 finale, the Godolkin trustees and Vought CEO Ashley Barrett are shown debating which student could potentially join The Seven’s current ranks.

Speaking with TVLine, Fazekas intimated that the opportunity to join The Seven would always be the proverbial carrot dangled before Godolkin’s student body. However, she suggested what makes the enticement so interesting is that the “carrot’s starting to get rotten.” Check out her comments below:

“That will always be the carrot. It’s like, this is a thing that you want, but the carrot is interesting because the carrot’s starting to get rotten, and I think our people are starting to figure that out — which is not to say that they’re not going to take it anyway. Because if you limit their choices enough, it starts looking pretty good. But I don’t know… that’s another thing where you want to be very, very mindful of when you pull that card.”

Will The Boys Season 4 Feature A Goldokin Graduate In The Seven?

Goldolkin University trustees selecting a student for the Seven in Gen V

While Fazekas’ recent comments stop short of revealing whether a Godolkin student will join The Seven throughout the course The Boys season 4, the team’s current roster certainly provides an opportunity for that to occur. Between Black Noir’s death, Starlight’s defection, and Queen Maeve faking her own death during the events of The Boys season 3, The Seven currently only consists of Homelander, A-Train and The Deep. In fact, The Seven has not officially enjoyed a full complement of supes since Translucent’s death in The Boys season 1.

While The Boys season 4 will seemingly seek to cover up Black Noir’s death by placing a new Supe beneath his trademark mask, that still leaves three remaining slots for Vought to fill. Two of those slots will likely be filled by new supes first announced in October of last year, namely Sister Sage (played by Orange is the New Black’s Susan Heyward) and Firecracker (played by The Lost Symbol’s Valorie Curry). Yet, that still leaves The Seven one member short, and one Goldokin graduate would be the perfect choice to restore the team to full strength.

While Black Noir may be dead, original actor Nathan Mitchell is expected to play a whole new version of the character in The Boys season 4.

With The Boys season 1 showing Jack Quaid’s Hughie Campbell killing Translucent in explosive fashion, season 4 could potentially bring Translucent’s son Maverick in to replace him. With Gen V’s main characters unjustly blamed for the Godolkin massacre and locked away in a mysterious room without doors, choosing Maverick to join The Boys would not only provide a perfect link between the two shows, but it would also allow Fazekas to continue to focus on her central characters in Gen V season 2.

Source: TVLine

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