How Jawan’s Extended Cut Is Different From The Original: 5 New Scenes Explained


  • Extended cut of Jawan adds extra scenes, but doesn’t provide crucial context or answer lingering questions.
  • Full versions of three songs are included in the extended cut, but they were already available on YouTube.
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s double role as Azad and Vikram Rathod impresses, but the Netflix version falls short of anticipated standards.



Netflix treated Bollywood enthusiasts to an extended cut of the blockbuster Jawan, featuring the charismatic Shah Rukh Khan. Jawan is an action-packed thriller, where the protagonist is on a mission to avenge the innocents and punish the villains of society. Directed by Atlee, Jawan garnered acclaim from audiences and critics alike for its seamless blend of action, drama, and incisive political commentary. With Jawan’s global record-breaking theatrical release, the release of its extended version has set up the stage for additional power-packed scenes.

Right from the trailer release of Jawan, this 165-minute thriller braced audiences for an emotionally charged narrative of family, nationalism, and revenge. Extended cuts, often providing enthusiasts with more footage and insights into the director’s storytelling ambitions, add layers to the interpretation. That said, the extended cut offers only an extra five-minute view, generating curiosity about how these additional scenes will enhance the viewing experience.

The Health Minister’s Assistant, Pappu, Undergoes A Value-Shift

His negligence led to the loss of life.

Shah Rukh Khan as Vikram crying intensely in a scene from Jawan

In the series of exposé on those in positions of power, the next focus is on the health minister, whose negligence directly led to the tragic loss of young lives. At the 60-minute mark, Azad (Shah Rukh Khan) and his gang abducted the corrupt health minister and took him to the dilapidated government hospital. Although Pappu (Mukesh Chhabra) helped the minister with every misdeed, he wasn’t the bad guy. He always served as a side-kick who was oblivious to the consequences of his master’s action and conveniently chose to remain silent, until he heard Eeram’s (Sanya Malhotra) story.

Upon hearing Eeram’s account of unjust imprisonment and recognizing the Minister’s culpability in preventable deaths, Pappu underwent a dramatic change of heart. In a fit of rage, he proposed to Azad and his gang to suffocate the minister with a pillow as a punishment for his crimes and promised that he wouldn’t expose them to the government or the media. While this scene didn’t have a significant immediate impact, Pappu’s change of heart resonated emotionally with the audience. Although hyper-optimistic, a scene like this instils hope among audiences, suggesting that there will be a moment when even the most morally compromised ones will experience a shift of values.

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Lakshmi Gives A Hint To Her Backstory

It clears up some questions left from the theatrical cut.

Shah Rukh Khan in a train in Jawan

Every woman in Azad’s squad was driven by a strong purpose to seek justice and avenge their slander. However, the ending of Jawan’s theatrical release didn’t give enough of an explanation for Lakshmi’s (Priyamani) motives behind joining Azad’s gang. The original release left audiences brooding over a truckload of possible reasons that lay the grounds for Lakshmi’s desire for revenge. To provide more context, the extended cut attempts to include an extra scene at a 2-hour, 9-minute mark that focuses on Lakshmi’s past.

In Jawan’s extended cut, it is clear that Lakshmi was tragically affected by the factory opened under Mr. Mukund Menon’s approval. Despite Menon warning Kalee about the factory’s dangers, Kalee’s disregard led to the loss of Lakshmi’s children and many other families in the vicinity. Following this tragedy, Lakshmi sought refuge with Azad and joined his girl gang. While the other girls had faced wrongful accusations, it remains unclear whether Lakshmi was held responsible for the factory fire or if her arrest was related to her protests against Kalee. The extended cut still leaves a lingering question about how Lakshmi ended up in Belamvada jail.

Kalee Gets Blackmailed

The mysterious investor returns.

Vijay Sethupathi as Kalee looking intensely in a scene from Jawan

At the 2-hour and 30-minute mark, the extended cut of Jawan brings back the mysterious investor from the opening scenes, who invested mafia money into Kalee’s (Vijay Sethupathi) factories. This investor blackmails Kalee after the government sealed his factories. This provides context to Kalee’s brutal decision to torture Vikram Rathod’s (also played by Shah Rukh Khan) team with carbon monoxide poisoning. While the mystery man hints at his dangerous reputation, the extended cut doesn’t fully unveil his villainy. Anticipating a sequel, it seems likely that the enigmatic figure will pursue Azad and Rathore for absconding with the money originally belonging to him.

Madhavan Naik Is Summoned To A Special Task Force Hearing

It potentially sets up a sequel.

Sanjay Dutt as STF officer Madhavan Naik holding a passport in front of Shah Rukh Khan's character Azad in Jawan

At the 2-hour and 44-minute juncture, Naik (Sanjay Dutt) is summoned to the STF agency headquarters, facing criticism from Kulpreet Mishra, Chandra Prabha, and Hitesh Sejal for the Belamvada operation mishap. Despite the chaos, Naik’s celebrated history prevents his dismissal, and the agency entrusts him to pursue Azad. Unaware that Naik is a covert operative, similar to Azad, he recognizes the system’s shortcomings for a change. Although not confirmed, there’s potential for Jawan’s sequel to explore how Naik and Azad evolved into collaborative vigilantes.

The Victims Of Kalee’s Factories Receive Compensation

The scene enhances Azad’s messaging throughout the movie.

Shah Rukh Khan is pictured with Jawan's antagonist.

Azad, adopting a Robin Hood-esque approach, had a straightforward strategy: taking from the affluent and supporting the less fortunate. While this theme was evident throughout the film, the extended cut introduced an extra scene at approximately the 2-hour and 46-minute point. Naik informs Azad that the money stolen from Kalee has reached the victims of the factory responsible for Lakshmi’s family’s tragedy and other families in the vicinity. The extended cut enhances this narrative with visuals, depicting the victims receiving bundles of cash cleverly wrapped in leaves and newspapers.


Full Versions Of Three Songs

Audiences can finally hear them in full.

Prior to the original release, YouTube featured the songs “Zinda Banda,” “Chaleya,” and “Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya.” In the theatrical cut, these songs had different versions, and additional songs, including a music video titled “Faratta,” were also part of the soundtrack. “Zinda Banda” and “Chaleya” were shortened, with a cameo by director Atlee in the former, and adjustments for an engagement ceremony in the latter. Atlee’s unexpected cameo was endearing and whistle-worthy, as it’s not common for directors to make guest appearances in music videos. However, the theatrical cut of “Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya” was longer than its YouTube version. The extended cut of Jawan presents the complete versions of all three songs.

Is The Extended Cut Worth The Hype?

Ultimately, it doesn’t add much to the theatrical release.

Shah Rukh Khan as Vikram being held at gunpoint in a scene from Jawan

The extended cut of a blockbuster like Jawan is typically expected to add layers to the narrative, but this one falls short on many fronts. It primarily fails to resolve lingering questions surrounding various subplots. For instance, the circumstances leading to Lakshmi’s imprisonment in Belamvada prison remain unanswered. The additional scenes in the extended cut don’t offer any crucial context that viewers couldn’t have guessed. Merely adding the full versions of the songs that are already available on YouTube doesn’t make a massive difference. Shah Rukh Khan, aced the double role with his impeccable acting chops, convincingly portraying Azad and Vikram Rathod as distinct characters. Jawan is a delight, garnering well-deserved success at the box office. However, the Netflix version doesn’t fully meet the anticipated standards or live up to earning the label of an extended cut.

Jawan: Extended Cut is now out on Netflix.

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