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Ivanka Trump at the State Department. — X/@winmcnamee
Ivanka Trump at the State Department. — X/@winmcnamee

Ivanka Trump talked candidly about managing her several businesses, parenting her three children with her husband, Jared Kushner, and handling the expectations of her father, Donald Trump, who is running for president, in a two-part interview that was published in People.

Ivanka Trump is often juggling a lot of tasks at once, much like many other working mothers.

Spending meaningful time with her three children, Arabella, 5, Joseph, 2, and Theodore, 3 months, is the main focus of her mornings at her Manhattan residence with husband Jared Kushner.

“I want my children to see me first every morning, so I wake up at 5am and make sure to shower and exercise before they get up,” says Ivanka in a two-part interview with People. Then she makes a breakfast of “fancy” oatmeal topped with almonds, walnuts and berries – “anything to get the kids excited to eat oatmeal,” she says with a laugh – before dropping Arabella and Joseph off for summer activities. “I have to strap the baby onto me, especially with the other two running around!” she says.

After that, Ivanka heads to her job managing the Trump Organization’s international hotels and golf courses, where she has assumed a leadership role alongside her brothers Donald Jr and Eric. 

She also oversees her own personal Ivanka Trump brand, which sells everything from clothing and shoes to diamonds. Additionally, she has a website called IvankaTrump.com devoted to offering guidance to working women.

“There just weren’t voices in the mainstream space that were really celebrating the multidimensionality of today’s women,” she says of offering advice and inspirational stories to everyone from aspiring corporate leaders to working mothers to stay-at-home mothers. “I really wanted to create a lot of positivity and to profile incredible women who are doing it their own way.”

And of course, there have been the pressures of her father Donald Trump‘s continuing presidential campaign.

After entering the election as the least likely of the 17 contenders in his party, Trump, 70, went on to win the Republican nomination, all the while making controversial remarks about women, Muslims, and illegal immigrants. That was a little over a year ago.

One wonders what Ivanka actually thinks of her father’s boldness, how divisive his campaign has been, and what it’s doing to the family brand given her poise—she takes care never to step out of position. She talks about those things cautiously.

“I’m a daughter, not a clone. So of course daughters often disagree with things their fathers say,” she says, during an extended interview at her office at Trump Tower on July 18. “But I share my viewpoints with him privately, not publicly. I’m not the candidate.”

Despite her claim that she is not officially involved in the campaign, her father seems to be greatly influenced by the “Ivanka Seal of Approval.”

In March Trump told People he was trying to tone down his harsh rhetoric after she cautioned him to “ act more presidential.” In June it was reported that she and her husband orchestrated the ouster of Trump’s controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. (Ivanka declines to comment.) And on July 13 she met with Indiana Gov Mike Pence before her father finalised the decision to tap him for VP. Is she Trump’s most influential adviser? Possibly. “My father raised me to have strong opinions, and he respects and appreciates them,” she says. Ultimately, though, “He makes up his own mind.”

For the selection of Pence, “I was there alongside my brothers to offer my opinion, but the decision was very much my father’s,” Ivanka says. “He had great chemistry with Gov Pence. I thought it was an excellent choice. The job Gov Pence has done in Indiana with employment, with reduction in taxes every single year, with cutting the budget but also increasing spending in certain key areas, namely schools and health care, is rather remarkable.”

Even while his daughter did advise him to “act more presidential,” which he took as a challenge, Trump himself acknowledged to People that he appreciates her opinion above all others.

However, Ivanka claims she isn’t attempting to alter her father’s behaviour.

“I wouldn’t have the hubris to tell my father to change his approach,” she says. “I am his daughter, though, so I will give him feedback, solicited or unsolicited.”

Mother, wife, unofficial adviser in a presidential campaign? “Right now, my life is disorganised. Ninety percent of the time, I’m fatigued, says Ivanka. “Yet I’ve had an incredible time,”

Jared Kusher, a eal estate entrepreneur, her spouse, claims she won’t ever allow anyone to see her perspire.

“Ivanka excels at everything she puts her mind to – she is an amazing wife, mother, friend and entrepreneur,” he told People. “I continue to be amazed with her ability to balance all of her many priorities without ever letting anyone feel like they don’t come first. I’m a very lucky man.”

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