Lack of options

Lack of options

After completing FSC, most students aspire to enter reputable universities. In Pakistan, the common trend is a preference for medical or engineering fields. Those who pursue other disciplines are often deemed dull, solely because they haven’t qualified in the most competitive exams. However, this perception is not accurate, as everyone’s mind is unique. In contrast to some other countries, where there is a broad diversity of fields, Pakistani students tend to focus on only a few disciplines. Imagine a country populated by doctors and engineers, with no artists, professors, singers, fashion designers, scientists, motivational speakers, religious scholars, politicians, journalists, managers, officers, actors, or even shopkeepers.

These individuals constitute the fabric of our society, working tirelessly day and night, much like doctors and engineers. Yet, they often don’t receive the same level of respect from society. It’s disheartening to observe that in our country, there appears to be limited space for these talented individuals.

Mehak Ali


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