Malayalam star Mukesh’s upcoming film Philip is a Family Drama packed with Emotional Baggage

Malayalam star Mukesh’s upcoming family drama film Philip’s has presented a heartfelt and compelling trailer, featuring a very realistic family drama packed with much emotional baggage as a man’s refusal to give up on his particular case distances him from the rest of his family.

Mukesh essays the character of Philip’s who seems to be pursuing some kind of legal case which has him obsessed, though it doesn’t really look like he’s a lawyer.

Helping his granddaughter go to school while also settling his work, as well as dining with his son played by actor Noble Babu Thomas, soon they all begin to drift apart.

The trailer kicks off on a very light note and appears to be a typical family-drama. This movie packs in a much more experimental tone and soon shifts gears, as the trailer makes it apparent that it is not all cookies and cream here.

The music is composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab. Directed by Alfred Kurian Joseph and written by Muthukutty Xavier with Kurian as co-writer, Philip’s stars Mukesh, Innocent, Noble Babu Thomas, Navani Devanand, Quinn Vipin, Asha Madathil, Ajit Koshy, Ansha Mohan, Charlie, Sacchin Nachie.

The film will hit theatres on November 24.

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