Mem Famous Telugu Movie Review With Rating [ Hit or Flop ]

Mem Famous Telugu Movie Review: Starring Sumanth Prabhas and Mahesh Babu, Mem Famous is a low-budget movie. It gained attention on social media and was backed by Lahari Films and Chai Bisket Films. After viewing the movie, Mahesh Babu gave it admiration and expressed his opinion on it. The movie was released on May 26, 2023.

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Mem Famous Movie Story:

Three best friends, Mai alias Mahesh (Sumanth Prabhas), Durga (Mani Aegurla), and Balakrishna (Mourya), are the key characters of the film. These friends live in a village named, Bandanarsampalli. This gang consistently brings a bad name to the village. Their parents worry about their behavior.

One day they start a tent rental company. But barely a few days into their operation, their store is demolished. God, however, has different ideas for them. What happens next will plot the story. Now let us dive into the Mem Famous movie Rating analysis.

Mem Famous Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Name Mem Famous (2023)
Rating 2.5/5
Genre youthful drama
Release Date 26th, May 2023
Director Sumanth Prabhas
Main Lead Actors Sumanth Prabhas, Mani Aegurla, Saarya, Kiran Macha, Mourya Chowdary, Siri Raasi,  and Many others
Cinematography Shyam Dupati
Editor Srujana Adusumilli
Producers Anurag Reddy, Sharath Chandra, Chandru Manoharan
Music Director Kalyan Nayak
Language Telugu

Artist Performances:

For a debutante, Sumanth Prabhas has done a respectable job of projecting confidence. He is the film’s writer, director, and hero.

The actors who played his closest friends, Mani Aegurla and Mourya Chowdhary, provided excellent support for him and elevated the moments.

The movie’s heroine is Saarya. She has a minor part in comparison to the other lads, though.

Although they only had a small amount of stage time, Siri Raasi and Mourya Chowdhary performed an excellent job in their parts.

Mem Famous Movie Plus Points

There are some well-written portions in the first half, which move along at a suitable speed. A few comical situations are effective.

Despite the large number of new actors, everyone seemed to have done a good job.

The filmmaker spends some time developing each character, but while also having fun, he avoids making it boring. It is delivered through the crisp script.

The little boy’s joke regarding torn jeans is an additional plus while discussing the Mem Famous Telugu movie review.

Mem Famous Movie Minus Points

The team’s use of sync sound technology has the worst flaw, which might have been completely avoided. Sadly, this completely ruined the viewing experience because the majority of the speech was inaudible.

The plot of Mem Famous is quite predictable. It becomes increasingly simple to predict what will happen next as the tale develops. The climax is straightforward and concludes as planned.

Another major negative is low production values.

Most of the second half was dull, notwithstanding the occasional entertaining moment. Additionally, the second half’s tempo gets incredibly sluggish, and numerous moments are drawn out.

The movie should have been cut by 10 to 15 minutes during editing.

Technical Aspects

Talking about technicalities in the Mem Famous Telugu Movie Review, the technical quality of the movie is poor. The camera work is typical of the low-budget YouTube videos. The synced audio, which was not adequately fixed is yet another serious issue.

A few of Kalyan Nayak’s songs were enjoyable to hear, and his music is good. His music for the backdrop is really nice. Sumanth Prabhas, the director, performed a passable job. Although the movie has some excellent moments, overall, it’s not that fantastic. In particular, the second half dragged a lot and lacked compelling moments


Concluding words about the Mem Famous Telugu Movie Review is, The movie is successful in terms of screenplay, casting, and young energy, but it fails due to a predictable plot, an unsatisfactory finale, and pacing flaws. Keep your expectations completely low before watching the film

Mem Famous Telugu Movie Review with Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.5/5

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