Minnie Driver, Garrett Hedlund talk Modern Love Season 2

The second season of the Amazon Prime series Modern Love features new episodes with Minnie Driver and Garrett Hedlund, among others. The cast recently talked to us about what to expect in the new season.

Minnie Driver talks about how long she’s been involved with the production.

Moviefone: Were you familiar with this New York Times column before taking on this role?

Minnie Driver: Yeah, I read the column, and I’ve actually been part of the podcast. So I’ve been part of this for a lot of years, actually, yeah.

MF: With those audience members that aren’t familiar, can you explain what the Modern Love column is?

Driver: It is people submit their own stories from their own lives and experiences to the New York Times and those are then edited into these beautiful essays. Those essays it was then turned into a podcast where actors would read them out. Then that IP was then turned into this beautiful anthology series that Amazon has done. So there’s a real relatable truth at the root of all of these stories.

MF: What I love about this it’s called Modern Love, but it’s not only romantic love. It’s all about relationships and all different types of love.

Driver: Yeah. There are many permutations of love and I think we get mired in the idea of romantic love being the be all and end all, but love is myriad and expensive.

MF: In your episode, Stephanie, what is she dealing with?

Driver: Well, she’s married to a man, and they have a child. She also has another daughter from a previous marriage and her husband, her late husband died, and he left her a car that was his, and in that car, she remains connected to him. That is where she goes to talk to him, to be with him, to love him and through circumstance, they have to sell that car. And it’s really about how do we let go? How do we let go and move on in our lives? What should we have to let go of, and what should we fight to keep hold of?

MF: And I have to admit, watching that episode, I have that same feeling. I like to keep things because a lot of things I have memories attached to. Do you feel like that about stuff? Are you one of those people that you can just get rid of everything?

Driver: No. I find it very difficult getting rid of everything. Everything has a story and a meaning and the… Those stories make up our life. So I try not to clutter, but I do have things that are incredibly important to me.

MF: This is based on a true story. So the real person that this is based on, did you ever have a chance to speak to that person?

Driver: No, I didn’t. I didn’t at all,

MF: But I guess personally, I guess you could really relate to it as we just spoke about, because things are important. Hanging on to things are important and especially in this case is because for her, it’s… She feels it’s a one place she can go to kind of speak to her late husband, her first husband. What I love about the story also is her second marriage, she’s actually very happy, and her new husband is very understanding of the situation, which is heartwarming.

Driver: Yeah, he has a great generosity of spirit and feels that hearts are big enough to accommodate dead husbands and live ones.

MF: She’s very lucky in that manner. So when you approach playing somebody… And you know this is a true story and even though you didn’t get to speak to the real person, you know that this really happened to somebody. How do you approach preparing for that?

Driver: I mean, I really just had the script and I just saw how the story unfolded, and I really worked from that. The preparation was in the reading of the story and the metabolizing that and appreciating it.

Garrett Hedlund talks about the love story in his episode.

Moviefone: For those people who have not watched season one, could you explain to them about, I know, about the Modern Love series, because I mean, it’s an anthology. You don’t have to have watched every single episode.

Garrett Hedlund: Yeah. It’s wonderful encounters and happenstances, heartbreaks, findings and loss all in the wonderful city of and surrounding areas of New York. True stories being brought to life in a wonderful manner, sometimes fantastical, but will never cease to warm your heart and open your minds to a little bit of modern love.

MF: In your episode, what type of love and relationships are we dealing with?

Hedlund: In our episode? Well, two people in a relationship who end up losing their partners to each other, and then these two people end up finding each other in a therapy room, and have much to talk about, because their exes are now a couple, which is a very unique situation. Mind you, it does happen, though. This did happen, and you get to see what happens when you watch.

MF: Because all of these stories are based on a true story. All of these episodes of Modern Love are based on true stories, correct?

Hedlund: Correct. Yes.

MF: There was an actual New York Times column?

Hedlund: There was. Yeah. It’s called In The Waiting Room Of Estranged Spouses. I play a character that has come back from war, he and his partner have been together for a long time. But she’s been enraptured in his regimen of living life by a plan. And obviously that could get a little draining as I’m sure many people out there can relate, any wives, many husbands. And Anna Paquin plays the girlfriend and wife of someone who has left her for my ex. And so it’s unique and happenstance, and it all sort of unfolds. But me and Miss Anna Paquin may find the right partners within each other.

MF: I found Spence interesting, because he very much wants to write his life. He has it all planned out. And as we know, life doesn’t always work out that way.

Hedlund: Yeah. It’s ingrained in him to live life by a plan, to have this regimen, to be very mindful of the time, and what happens when and where, and realize that trying to live life on your terms in this manner only ends up obstructing you, closes the doors to yearning to live. And it’s been a big hindrance for him, or at least for his partners. It’s only when Anna Paquin’s character comes in and tells him not everything can be planned. And once he’s able to sort of drop that hindrance, then he’s able to be open to love and be open to life.

‘Modern Love’ Season 2 is now on Amazon Prime.

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