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CyberSEO Pro - OpenAI GPT Turbo vs Davinci

On March 1, 2023, OpenAI publicly released their new GPT model version 3.5 called Turbo. On the same day, the Turbo model became available to all users of the CyberSEO Pro plugin.

Most likely you have already had a chance to try this model in action. If not, give it a try! OpenAI GPT 3.5. Turbo is the same model you are used to communicating with in ChatGPT. The main feature of Turbo is its price, which is 10 times lower than Davinci.

The tenfold financial savings will be an undeniable incentive for anyone who uses the OpenAI GPT API to automatically generate and modify a large number of articles for autoblogs. However, it is important to understand some of the differences between these models, which can affect the quality of the generated content.

Out of the box, the Davinci model is designed to generate and modify text according to your assignment. At the same time, as Turbo is the chat model used by ChatGPT and it implies not just text processing, but having a dialogue with a live person. This feature may cause the content it generates to be not quite what you’re used to getting from Davinci.

For example, if you give a task like “Write your opinion about this article”, then Davinci will simply give you some kind of conclusions that you can make after reading it. At the same time, as Turbo will try to have a meaningful conversation with you and may start its answer with the phrase “As an AI language model, I cannot make any conclusions or have an opinion about the said article”.

So, you should take into account that you are not giving a task to a writer, but just asking a bot for something in a chat dialog. So, try to formulate your assignment more precisely, keeping in mind that you will get the answer from the chatbot.

It is best to write right at the beginning of your assignment something like “Don’t say that you are an AI language model. Act as an ordinary human being. Be simple and creative.”

It is recommended that you try out your assignments on ChatGPT. The same model is used there that is now available to you as Turbo. Accordingly, you will receive very similar responses. Yes, these responses are non-deterministic, but they will definitely help you develop the right tactics when writing your assignments for Turbo GPT with the CyberSEO Pro plugin.

Also, keep in mind that for each subsequent test in ChatGPT, you should create a new chat, so that your next assignment will be received by the chat bot, not prepared for it by you in the context of your previous dialogue.

Perhaps the above article will help you better understand the nuances of making assignments for both, although similar, but still different AI GPT models.

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