Oxya Origin and Ultra Partnership

Ultra has announced its partnership with Oxya Origin, a gaming ecosystem empowering players in immersive shooter, strategy, and exploration modes, connected by a player-owned asset economy.

Through this collaboration, Ultra will be offering exclusive access to the Oxya Origin: Road to Genesis closed beta. As part of this partnership, Oxya will offer closed beta access keys that provide a ton of in-game perks, and Ultra will host the closed beta for any key holders, including those distributed on other marketplaces.

Ultra and Oxya Origin shared vision of pioneering novel experiences and opportunities for players. This collaboration seamlessly aligns with the core values of both teams, making it an ideal match for innovation and player-centric engagement.


About Oxya Origin

Oxya Origin is developing shooter strategy and exploration games set in a dystopian universe. Each game mode is inspired by successful genres from the past and developed by adding innovative mechanics using AI and Web3 technologies.

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About Ultra

Ultra is the first entertainment platform providing all key games industry services under a single roof, easily accessible through a single login.

Built around our PC games distribution store, Ultra provides access to countless centralized and decentralized services: Discover, buy, play and sell your games and in-game items, watch live-streaming feeds, interact with your favorite influencers, participate in contests, compete in tournaments, and much more.

Ultra will provide endless value for players, a fair playing ground for developers, and a whole new world of opportunities for the games industry.

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