Rick Has One Thing That Makes Him Secretly Unique in The Entire Rick & Morty Multiverse


  • Rick Sanchez’s unique status as a god-killer sets him apart from other characters in the multiverse, proving his exceptional abilities as a mad scientist.
  • Rick’s numerous achievements in killing gods demonstrate his intelligence, resourcefulness, and determination in overcoming seemingly impossible challenges.
  • Rick’s belief that his scientific knowledge surpasses the need for gods further emphasizes his distinctiveness and motivation for continuing to eliminate omnipotent beings.



In the weird world of Rick and Morty, Rick Sanchez is a legend. From his well-known scientific achievements like the portal gun to his near-constant multiversal shenanigans, it’s clear Rick is a once-in-a-universe mind. But one achievement makes him even more unique than fans realize: god-killing.

Getting involved in situations that force him to utilize his vast knowledge and skills, Rick successfully navigates moments where anyone else — his various multiversal counterparts included — would utterly fail. And in a comic-exclusive tale following Rick after he converses with death incarnate — a soul-eating monstrosity called Vultureperson — as well as another Darkseid-esque god named Nunzumel, it’s revealed why Rick is considered to be so unique.

Rick killing gods as a hieroglyph on the wall

It’s officially confirmed that Rick has killed more gods than anyone else in the entire multiverse, accomplishing a feat that by all rights shouldn’t even be possible.

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Rick Is Unique For Killing The Most Gods In The Multiverse

Rick talks to Vultureperson about killing gods while flying high above a city

Revealing Rick’s god-killer status in Oni Press’ Rick and Morty #8 (again in Rick and Morty #9) by Alex Firer and Fred C. Stresing, the tale sees Rick subjected to Vultureperson’s “hallucinogenic death steam,” a gas that sends him into a spiraling nightmare trip that addresses his deity-killing accomplishment. Telling Rick that he’s killed “…men, beasts, and gods. So many gods…,” Vultureperson goes on to say that Rick has murdered so many that he “…took caviar and made it as common as shoe syrup.” Then, in issue #9, Nunzumel — a god Rick had already killed before — lists off just a few of the countless gods he’s murdered, narrating this information over a hieroglyph-like image showing Rick offing deities left and right, confirming Rick is deadly even by supreme being standards.

Calling Rick out for only killing gods because he envies them, Vultureperson also draws attention to Rick being “the saddest” since he’s a “human who calls himself a god,” with Rick countering that he believes he’s “better” than these beings because his science essentially “…kills the need for gods.” This interesting line of thought further qualifies Rick as one of the most unique Sanchezs ever, but also gives reason as to why he continues to slaughter omnipotent entities whenever he gets the chance.

Rick Being A Prolific God-Killer Makes Him Different From Other Ricks

Rick talks to Vultureperson about how many gods he's killed while in a nightmare vision

Being a god-killer is an accomplishment not many can claim, but considering Rick has defied all odds to become the one human who has taken out the most deities says a lot about what he’s truly capable of as a mad scientist, to say nothing about the smarts and wherewithal needed to even come close to pulling off something like this multiple times over.

Rick and Morty’s comic book and animated adventures will continue for a while yet, and if Rick keeps up the pace of killing any omnipotent being he comes across, his status as the most unique Sanchez in the multiverse will hold indefinitely.

Rick and Morty #9 is now available from Oni Press.

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