Ricky & Morty Seasons 8 & 9 Teased By Creator After Acclaimed Season 7 Episodes


  • Rick and Morty seasons 8 and 9 are expected to be a return to form after a reset in season 7.
  • Co-creator Dan Harmon promises improvements as more episodes are delivered.
  • The gradual process of getting the show back on track will lead to a “we’re back, baby” feeling in season 8 and even more so in season 9.



Rick & Morty co-creator Dan Harmon teases seasons 8 and 9, touting a return to form after a reset in season 7. Adult Swim’s acclaimed animated sci-fi comedy went through a major change ahead of season 7, as co-creator and main voice actor Justin Roiland was fired in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations. Rick Sanchez has now been recast with Ian Cardoni, and Morty Smith with Harry Belden, allowing the show to continue delivering its particular brand of zany hilarity even without one of its main creative forces.

The jury is still out on whether Rick and Morty season 7 truly lives up to past seasons, but if audiences aren’t entirely sold on what has been delivered thus far, co-creator Harmon is promising things will continue to improve as more episodes are cranked out. Speaking to The Verge, Harmon talked about the process of getting the show back up and running in the face of all its highly-publicized behind-the-scenes shake-ups. Check out what he said below:

Season 7 just represents one more brick in that road, and it’s season 8, which is already written, when that comes out, I think it’ll be even more so. It’ll feel like a return to form and kind of like a “we’re back, baby” kind of feeling, and hopefully, season 9 will be that but, you know, even more so. But it’ll be because it’s been a gradual process of just trying to get our wind in our sails again.

Rick and Morty Season 7 Has Delivered A Handful Of Classic Moments (Including A Shocking Rick Prime Showdown)

Rick and Morty on their way to Boob World with Summer

Rick and Morty season 7 came out of the gate strong with “How Poopy Got His Poop Back,” a genuinely dark episode about Rick and his friends intervening on behalf of a suicidally-depressed Mr. Poopybutthole. “Air Force Wong” later offered up an action-packed episode that also provided a showcase for Rick’s eternally patient therapist Dr. Wong (Susan Sarandon). Things got brutally dark again in episode 4 “That’s Amorte,” when Rick’s spaghetti night dishes were revealed to be the entrails of aliens who had killed themselves by suicide.

Rick and Morty season 7 has just a 73% score on Rotten Tomatoes, by far the lowest for any season of the show.

The season’s best episode, though, may have been “Unmortricken,” which went heavy on canon with the return of Evil Morty and Rick Prime. The episode indeed climaxed with the seeming final battle between Rick and Rick Prime, resulting in one of the most disgustingly violent scenes in the show’s history. If Rick and Morty season 7 represents something of a reset, as Harmon implies, the show can perhaps be given a pass if its peaks don’t seem as high as in previous seasons. Nevertheless, memorable moments have been delivered, including major developments in the over-arching Rick Prime narrative. If things only get better in seasons 8 and 9 as Harmon promises, then viewers can look forward to some truly classic episodes.

Source: The Verge

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