Right ruling

Right ruling

It is very sad to see that a full-fledged campaign has been launched by certain quarters to discredit the recent Supreme Court ruling against trial of civilians by military courts. There is increasing pressure on the apex court to reverse its own decision. However, as I see it, this would be a big mistake. This ruling is a truly fair and humane one as it protects the fundamental constitutional rights of Pakistani citizens against possibly arbitrary and high-handed arrests and trials. The ruling also establishes broader parameters for the protection of civil society and its basic democratic rights of protest and disagreement.

There exist criminal laws for trying and punishing crimes like rioting and affray and such. No civilized democratic society brings in military courts in such cases. Those supporting this unwise campaign against the SC ruling are seeking a return to the undemocratic, colonial-minded setup that has long plagued Pakistan.

Dr Ilyas M B Khan



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