Russia says downed 16 Ukrainian drones in south, Crimea

Russia said Friday it had destroyed 16 Ukrainian drones in the south of the country and over the annexed Crimean peninsula.

On Thursday night, “an attempt by the Kyiv regime to carry out a terrorist attack using aerial drones against sites on the territory of the Russian Federation was thwarted,” Russia’s defence ministry said.

“Air defence systems destroyed 16 drones, including 13 over the Crimean peninsula and three over the territory of the Volgograd region.”

Ukraine has ramped up drone and missile attacks on Russian military installations in and around the peninsula in recent months.

Crimea — annexed by Russia in 2014 — serves as the rear base for the Black Sea Fleet and key supply route for Russian forces in southern and eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine’s military meanwhile said its air defence systems had downed three Iranian-designed attack drones launched by Russian forces overnight.

They also said Russia had lauched two guided air missiles but did not provide details.

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