Star Wars Finally Assembles Its “Droid Avengers” In New Crossover

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad




  • R2-D2 has formed a team of droids, including the dangerous duo Triple Zero and BT-1, to save his friend C-3PO from the Scourge virus in Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad .
  • Artoo convinces the notorious droid bounty hunters IG-88 and 4-LOM to join his cause and offers credits as incentives. He also reunites with fellow astromech QT-KT.
  • This new team of droids, reminiscent of the Avengers, is unique and brings together droids from different backgrounds and abilities to face the Scourge threat in the Star Wars canon.

Star Wars has finally assembled its droid version of the Avengers in its new Dark Droids crossover. Thanks to the sentient virus known as The Scourge, the entire galaxy far, far away is in danger as it seeks to corrupt both droids and organics alike. To that end, none other than R2-D2 himself has brought together a team of droids to try and save the day from the countless droids who’ve already been corrupted into the Scourge hivemind.

As seen in Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad by Marc Guggenheim and Salva Espín, Artoo has been determined to find a way to save his friend and constant companion C-3PO, one of the very first droids corrupted by the Scourge. Now, the brave little astromech has brought together a whole team of notable droids to help in his quest, and the new D-Squad sees them all coming together. In the face of an entire force of Scourge-controlled Darktroopers and K2 units, Artoo’s new version of D-Squad springs into action in this new issue.

R2-D2 and new D-Squad in Dark Droids Crossover

Not only did Artoo convince the homicidal droids Triple Zero and BT-1 to help him out in the previous issue, but he also offered quite a few credits to the infamous droid bounty hunters IG-88 and 4-LOM to assist in his cause as well. Last but not least, Artoo also reunited with fellow astromech QT-KT (who was part of Star Wars’ original D-Squad).

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R2-D2 Finally Has His Brand-New D-Squad

They’re Like The Avengers

R2-D2 With IG-88 and 4-LOM

Ever since Artoo was kicked out of an airlock by a corrupted Threepio at the beginning of Star Wars’ new Dark Droids crossover, he’s been working to save his golden-plated friend and any other droids who’ve been corrupted in the Scourge hivemind. Compared to previous attempts made by the Scourge to consume all droid minds in Star Wars’ history, it’s now seeking organics as well, believing that cyborgs may hold the key to consuming both “the metal and the meat”. In spite of all that, Artoo refuses to believe that Threepio can’t be saved nor that the Scourge can’t be defeated.

Now, Artoo has finally got his team of dynamic droids, having assembled them all together to be part of something bigger than themselves and face a threat none of them could defeat alone. As such, it’s very much an Avengers type of idea while still being quite unique considering the all-droid roster. Furthermore, it’s worth noting they similarly come from some very different backgrounds, not unlike Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from the pages of Marvel Comics and in the MCU.

This New Team Isn’t Star Wars’ First D-Squad

The Clone Wars Had The Original D-Squad

Clone Wars D-Squad in Star Wars

While this new version of D-Squad during the Galactic Civil War is rather impressive, it was by no means the first. As seen during the Clone Wars, Artoo was recruited by the Republic for a secret mission alongside a collection of droids led by the diminutive Colonel Gascon. This includes the DUM-series droid WAC-47 whom Artoo reunited with years later in the recent D-Squad #1 as well as Qutee who’s now joined Artoo’s new roster in D-Squad . In any event, the stakes are much higher for this new team thanks to the Scourge, so it will be very exciting to see what happens next in the Star Wars canon.

Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad is available now from Marvel Comics.


D-Squad #3 Cover Image

  • Writer: Marc Guggenheim
  • Artist: Salva Espín
  • Colorist: Israel Silva
  • Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
  • Cover Artist: Aaron Kuder & Frank Martin

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