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The benefits of M3G, M3G can be considered a point or one of the primary currencies within the Micro3 ecosystem.

What are the benefits of M3G?

This might be a question on the minds of many when points or currencies are mentioned. As The benefits of M3G explains.

  • Participation in M3G Ranking Events:
    • Ownership of M3G tokens allows you to engage in monthly and quarterly M3G ranking events, which offer substantial cash rewards.
  • Tier Upgrades for Micro3 ID:
    • M3G tokens can be utilized to enhance the Tier level of your Micro3 ID. Attaining higher-tier statuses necessitates a more significant quantity of M3G.
  • Future Programs and Activities:
    • Possessors of M3G will potentially qualify for forthcoming exhilarating programs and activities.

How to acquire M3G?

To obtain M3G tokens, one must first possess a Micro3 ID.

  • Upon securing a Micro3 ID, commencing at Tier 1, an allotment of 10 M3G tokens is granted for each NFT minted.
  • Additional information regarding tier benefits can be found on the relevant page.
  • Streak will be introduced to simplify the process of earning M3G tokens. This feature operates similarly to a winning streak in a game, calculating the accrual of M3G tokens daily using the formula:

Additional token = Days x 5 equals M3G

For instance:

  • On Day 1, a Tier 1 user minting one NFT will receive 15 M3G, which includes 10 basic M3G + 5 M3G from the Streak
  • On Day 30, for minting one NFT, the reward escalates to a substantial 160 M3G, comprising the basic 10 M3G + 150 M3G from the Streak
  • Furthermore, future initiatives are set to include engagement in various activities on Discord, Galxe, QuestN, TaskOn, SoQuest, Zealy, Intract, among other platforms, in association with Micro3.




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