The Way Home Season 2 Release Date Set by Hallmark

The trailer for The Way Home Season 2 reveals Hallmark’s release date for the multigenerational family drama which will debut on January 21 at 9 PM.

The first season introduced “Kat Landry (Chyler Leigh), her 15-year-old daughter Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow), and Kat’s mother Del (Andie MacDowell), three generations of women who are strong, willful, and independent,” per an official description.

“After being estranged for nearly two decades following the unsolved disappearance of Kat’s eight-year-old brother Jacob (Remy Smith) and untimely death of family patriarch Colton Landry (Jefferson Brown) that prompted Kat to move away from her Canadian farm town of Port Haven, Kat moves back with Alice when she finds herself at a crossroads in life. Shortly after arriving, Alice unwittingly discovers the ability to travel between the past and present via a pond on the family’s land.”

Check out The Way Home Season 2 trailer below (watch more trailers):

What to know about The Way Home Season 2

The Way Home Season 2 “starts where the shocking season one finale left off and put viewers on the edge of their seats – with Kat exclaiming to Del that she knows what happened to Jacob,” according to an official description. “As Kat continues her quest to find Jacob and bring him home, mother and daughter uncover unexpected revelations about their origins that bring answers to some questions while new ones are raised.”

The show also stars Alex Hook, Al Mukadam, David Webster, and Siddarth Sharma. It’s a Neshama Entertainment production in association with MarVista Entertainment. Heather Conkie, Clarke, Fernando Szew, Hannah Pillemer, Larry Grimaldi, Ani Kevork, Arnie Zipursky, Marly Reed, Suzanne Berger, MacDowell, and Leigh executive produce.

The series is produced by John Calvert. Mitch Geddes is the executive in charge of production for the studio.

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