Thor Gets His Own Iron Man Armor in Jaw-Dropping Cosplay


  • Thor gets an Iron Man upgrade in a new series of cosplay images, combining his iconic look with Tony Stark’s tech-savvy style.
  • Canadian-based cosplayer Audrey Pelletier creates an authentic Iron Thor armor using 3D printing technology and personal creativity.
  • The cosplay costume features a unique blend of Iron Man aesthetic and Asgardian fashion, making it a distinctive and impressive creation.



Thor is a ridiculously overpowered member of the Avengers who needs no introduction, with his skills and abilities on the battlefield second to none, not just on Earth-616 but across Marvel’s sprawling multiverse as well. And in a new series of cosplay images, this God of Thunder gets an Iron Man upgrade in the form of an armor set that perfectly marries Thor’s iconic look with Tony Stark’s tech-savvy mentality.

Recently shared on Instagram by Audrey Pelletier (@audreyequi7), this Canadian-based creative talent is just starting out in the cosplay space yet has made it immediately clear with this Iron Thor costume that she’ll be a great addition to the community for some time to come.

Putting in the work to create this authentic Iron Man armor using a combination of 3D printing technology, engineering prowess, electrical skills, plain old artistic creativity, and, of course, a little bit of personal nerd flair, Audrey is an up-and-coming cosplayer that fans of the art form should keep an eye on.

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Thor Becomes Iron Man In Inspired Marvel Cosplay Photos

Well-known for his Norse-themed outfit, use of the ultimate weapon known as Mjölnir, and a power level that’s unrivaled in the Marvel Universe, Thor’s overall look hasn’t changed all that much over the years, with his winged helmet, flowing blonde locks, and rippling red cape being part of a memorable visual style used in most variations of his design. And while Iron Man built himself a set of Thor-busting armor in 2003’s Iron Man #64, by Mike Grell and Alan Davis, Thor himself hasn’t had a form quite like this one before — nor has he ever needed one — making this costume a look that exclusively belongs to the cosplay community.

Getting a full-body look at Audrey’s Iron Thor creation in the first post and a handful of closer images in the next two, this homemade outfit not only comes across as an impeccably well-designed and constructed costume, but thanks to the silver and blue color scheme, eye-popping red cape, and winged Iron Man helmet, an impressive original character never seen before in the comic space. Powered by seven arc reactors that look just like the plated discs often seen on Thor’s costumes over the years, it’s this perfect blend of Iron Man aesthetic and Asgardian fashion that makes this cosplay truly unique, a look made even better by Audrey wielding her very own version of Mjölnir.

Iron Thor Cosplay Is The Thor/Iron Man Hybrid Fans Need To See

But what also makes this cosplay so much fun is speculating whether this really is Thor clad in a set of armor designed to look just like him or, more interestingly, Tony Stark trying to mimic Thor’s powers with a suit that turns him into the new God of Thunder! Thor is already a visually distinct Marvel hero with a character design that has stood the test of time as one of the best in all of comics and with Audrey Pelletier (@audreyequi7) on the cosplay case, he gets an even more badass Iron Man look that needs to be seen in on the page — or better yet — in the live-action space as soon as possible.

Source: @audreyequi7

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