Vote wisely

Vote wisely

Since elections are around the corner, it is important for people to use their votes to hold their leaders accountable. Ironically, the people have arguably fared better under the caretaker government than the ones they elected themselves. We have better rule of law, reduced commodity prices, increased inspection on government officials and, more importantly, the concerns of ordinary people are being heard and addressed. For example, after allegations that the MDCAT 2023 paper had been leaked, the caretaker Sindh government promptly ordered for the exam to be reconducted and kidnapping cases have also fallen under their watch.

Though, the interim government is not as accountable to people as the elected one, yet the people have suffered more at the hands of the latter. One reason for this could be the lack of political awareness among the people. However, regardless of the relief granted by the interim government, an elected government is what makes democracy flourish. People will gradually become more aware of their rights and will hold the elected accountable. Elections are the main vehicle for this purpose.

Aftab Ahmed Bhatti


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