Who Killed THAT Character? 14 Suspects In A Murder At The End Of The World, Ranked


  • The FX series “A Murder at the End of the World” drops clues that allow viewers to deduce the killer’s identity and invites them to become armchair detectives.
  • Darby Hart, the protagonist played by Emma Corrin, cannot be ruled out as a suspect due to the unreliable narration and her presence at the retreat.
  • The billionaire tech mogul and retreat host, Andy Ronson, raises suspicion due to his controversial AI-centric technology plans and his immediate assumption that Bill died from an overdose.



Warning! This article contains spoilers for A Murder At The End Of The World.

A Murder at the End of the World keeps its central killer’s identity a mystery but drops enough clues for viewers to deduce who might have murdered Bill in episode 1. Set in a secluded retreat, A Murder at the End of the World initially takes its time to set the stage for its overarching mysteries by introducing its main characters and walking through some flashbacks that somehow connect to its protagonist’s narrative. However, once these introductions are out of the way, the FX series drops its first big twist when one of its primary characters, Bill, is found dead in his hotel room.

As the protagonist, Darby, sets out to solve the mystery behind Bill’s murder, A Murder at the End of the World allows viewers to become armchair detectives themselves. In A Murder at the End of the World‘s episode 3, Rohan, too, falls to the ground and dies, raising the urgency of solving the central murder mystery. With the show’s interactive and immersive approach to storytelling, it is hard not to delve into its central murder mystery and deduce who the killer could be.

The following list is only based on the character beats from A Murder at the End of the World’s episodes 1, 2, and 3.

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14 Darby Hart (Emma Corrin)

Gen Z Amateur Detective

Emma Corrin as Darby in A Murder at the End of the World

Although it almost seems impossible that Emma Corrin’s Darby Hart could be the murderer, she is one of the guests at the retreat, which makes her a possible suspect. Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij have previously played around with supernatural concepts surrounding time travel and Near Death experiences in their previous movie and television projects like Sound of My Voice and Netflix’s The OA. Even their short film debut, The Recordist, features a climactic time travel twist that changes how viewers perceive the film. Considering their unreliable narration, Darby, too, cannot stay out of the suspect list.

13 Rohan (Javed Khan)

Swiss Climate Scientist

Javed Kahn as Roah in A Murder at the End of the World-

When Andy Ronson breaks the news of Bill’s demise to everyone at the retreat the morning after the murder, Rohan is the only one who breaks into tears and leaves the table. This scene establishes that Rohan had some history with Bill and likely knew him on a personal level. However, the fact that he grieves Bill’s death indicates he might not have been directly responsible for the murder. Episode 3 also seemingly confirms that Rohan could not have been the killer because he was planning to do something at the retreat with Bill. Not to mention, he, too, seemingly gets murdered by the same person who killed Bill in episode 1.

12 Martin (Jermaine Fowler)


Martin (Jermaine Fowler) in A Murder at the End of the World

Martin seems harmless and friendly when he first meets Darby on the flight to the retreat. However, the fact that he inquires about Bill during the flight after suspecting that the Bill mentioned in Darby’s book is the famous artist he knows of raises some suspicion. His reaction to Darby telling him about her dating history with Bill seems to suggest that he knows something about Bill that Darby does not.

11 Zoomer (Kellan Tetlow)

Andy Ronson & Lee Andersen’s Son

Zoomer (Kellan Tetlow) in A Murder at the end of the World

In the first three episodes of A Murder At the End of the World, Zoomer comes off as a secondary character who may not have a lot of significance in the overarching storyline. However, several subtle hints suggest there is more to his characterization than meets the eye. For instance, Andy Ronson asks Ziba not to feed him anything during the welcome from episode 1. At the same dinner, Andy emphasizes how he prefers calling AI “Alternate Intelligence,” and Zoomer chimes in with him every time he explains his alternate version of the abbreviation. Since Marling and Batmanglij’s previous shows and movies were meticulously written with attention to every little detail, these early clues could mean that Zoomer is a form of AI, making him a potential suspect.

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10 Marius (Christopher Gurr)

Hotel Manager

Marius (Christopher Gurr) in A Murder at the End of the World

There is nothing particularly suspicious about the hotel manager, Marius. However, since he knows everything about the hotel and also has access to all the rooms, he might have murdered Bill. While Marius may not have any personal reasons for committing the crime, one of the tech billionaires might have tipped him to kill Bill.

9 Tomas (Daniel Olson)

Hotel Staff Member

Daniel Olson as Tomas in A Murder at the End of the World

After hacking into the doorbell camera footage of Bill’s room, Darby discovers that a few staff members from the hotel were right outside his door before he was murdered. Considering how most staff members would have access to the hotel’s master key, it is hard not to keep them out of the list of suspects. The staff member who bumps into Darby outside Bill’s room and ignores her when she asks him if he was supposed to serve tea in Bill’s room raises a lot of suspicion because, even if he may not have killed Bill, he likely knows who was in Bill’s room before the murder.

8 Oliver (Ryan J. Haddad)

Robotics Expert

Oliver (Ryan J. Haddad) holding his glasses in A Murder at the End of the World

The first three episodes of A Murder at the End of the World do not reveal much about Oliver. However, Andy Ronson mentions that he is an expert in robotics. This puts him at odds with Bill since Bill was known for creating anti-technology art. While this may not be a big enough reason for Oliver to kill Bill, he might have supported and contributed to another tech billionaire’s plans to murder Bill just to get him out of the way. When Darby does a background check on Oliver, Ray also reveals that he had once written a hate tweet about Bill, which highlights how Oliver has never liked how the activist artist has criticized technology.

7 Lu Mei (Joan Chen)

Chinese AI Tech Titan

Joan Chen as Lu Mei in A Muder at the End of the World_

Lu Mei gets limited screen time in A Murder At the End of the World‘s initial episodes. This makes it hard to draw any conclusions about her involvement in the murder. However, since the series presents her as one of the most influential and wealthiest figures in the world of Artificial Intelligence, she might have plotted Bill’s murder because of his opposition to technology.

6 Todd (Louis Cancelmi)

Ronson’s Head Of Security

Todd (Louis Cancelmi) in A Murder at the End of the World

In A Murder at the End of the World, Todd is to Andy what Alferd is to Batman, which itself makes him a prime suspect. Todd also mysteriously showed up at the bookstore where Darby was reciting her book in the show’s opening moments and later justified it by claiming that he is a true-crime fan. After Bill gets murdered, Todd also pressures Darby to leave Bill’s room and escorts her back to hers. All these incidents suggest that even if Todd was not directly involved in the murder, he might know what led to it.

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5 David (Raúl Esparza)

Argentine-American Venture Capitalist

David (Raúl Esparza) sipping whiskey by a window in A Murder at the End of the World

David’s first interaction with Darby proves that he is full of himself and takes immense pride in all the wealth he has acquired for himself. Although nothing specific about him implies that he might have killed Bill, he comes off as a cunning businessman who would be willing to cross all moral boundaries to reach the top. Owing to this, he might have perceived a rebellious activist like Bill as a threat and plotted to get him out of the way.

4 Ziba (Pegah Ferydoni)


Ziba standing on a straircase in A Murder at the End of the World

After the welcome dinner at the retreat, Ziba meets Martin and Darby at the pool and openly criticizes rich people like Andy Ronson, who hoard wealth. She also confesses that she would not have attended the retreat but showed up after learning that she would get to meet Bill, a like-minded activist. Her obsession with Bill initially raises some doubt, but what ultimately makes her a prime suspect in the murder is that she chooses to stay at the retreat even after Bill’s death, despite previously establishing that she was only there to meet him.

3 Sian (Alice Braga)

Brazillian Doctor & Astronaut

Alice Braga as Sian in A Murder at the End of the World

Since Sian is the only doctor among the guests at the retreat, Darby rushes to her and asks her for help when she finds Bill in a critical state in his room. Sian even tries to save Bill by performing CPR, which makes it unlikely that she killed him. However, it seems strange that, despite being a doctor, Sian completely dismisses the idea that Bill was murdered. But, then again, if she had killed Bill by making him overdose, she, as a doctor, would have known that most drug users inject themselves in their non-dominant arms. Sian still seems suspicious, given how she warns Darby to not take Ronson’s kindness for granted in episode 3.

2 Lee Andersen (Brit Marling)

Former Hacker & Ronson’s Wife

Brit Marling as Lee Andersen in A Murder At The End of the World

Lee shows up in Bill’s room moments after Darby investigates his body. When Darby later asks her what she was doing in the room, Lee claims that she wanted to take one look at Bill because she found it hard to believe he had overdosed. However, it seemed like Lee was lying because she was looking for something specific in Bill’s room and even had gloves on when she entered. She later encourages Darby to investigate the case and find the murderer, but given her history with Bill, she might have something to do with his death and is probably trying to misguide Darby.

Even in A Murder at the End of the World’s episode 3, Brit Marling’s Lee Andersen seems to be lying about a lot of things. Although she opens up about how she met Bill and justifies why she did not hack Bill’s doorbell camera footage herself, there are several inconsistencies in her behavior. She seems a little too compliant and passive for someone who was a rebellious hacker and had published a manifesto on misogyny on the internet.

1 Andy Ronson (Clive Owen)

Billionaire Tech Mogul & Retreat Host

Clive Owen as Andy Ronson in A Murder At the End of the World

The answer to the overarching murder mystery may not be as obvious as it seems. However, after the first three episodes of A Murder at the End of the World, it is hard not to believe that Ronson may be responsible for Bill’s death in some way. Instead of considering that Bill might have been killed, Ronson jumps to the conclusion that he died from an overdose. Although Ronson explains why the cops did not interview anyone regarding Bill’s death, his future plans for AI-centric technology seem controversial. This would put activists like Bill and Rohan in his crosshairs, making him a primary suspect in their murder. It also seems strange that both Bill and Darby were invited to Andy Ronson’s retreat in A Murder at the End of the World right after Darby published her first book about “The Silver Doe” incident.

A Murder at the End of the World is available on Hulu for streaming.

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